TrixBox Hud Queues 1-19 Users
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HUD, Your New Operator

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HUD® is the award-winning employee presence and communication management application that comes free with all versions of trixbox. HUD empowers its users with company-wide visibility and information on the "presence" of every colleague, making it easy to interact with one another via a single, simple interface.

HUD is preinstalled on every edition of trixbox Pro, enabling one-touch control over the phone system, real-time visibility, and easy access to the people using it.  [ View Interactive Demo ]

HUD... your new operator

Tired of that 8-foot phone with blinking lights and that expensive secretary who you've trained to use it? HUD is your new operator. HUD shows you who is on the phone and lets drag calls to their extensions, voicemails or cellphones. integrated with Outlook

When your phone rings, a pop-up on your screen will give you the name of the caller, based on your own Outlook. Or you can just click on an email to call a person anytime.

...makes employees more productive

HUD's user-friendly interface allows employees to find contacts, view a contact's on-network status, and initiate communications-all with a single click from any HUD enabled device.

...enables effective communication

Communication happens on many levels; from phone calls, to chat sessions, to e-mails. By integrating all of these channels, HUD reduces the time spent in meetings and on conference calls and, in general, makes communication more effective.

...makes it affordable to create distributed agent-based organisations

In the past, deploying distributed inbound and outbound call centers was expensive. Not anymore. With HUD Pro, sales and customer service agents can easily log into and out of queues, monitor call states, park calls, and record calls*-all on the fly.

...helps managers track and train employees

HUD Pro provides powerful one-click tools to monitor, train, and barge agent calls. And the private enterprise-chat feature allows managers to guide agents in real-time.

...facilitates professional interactions with customers

Comprehensive integration with Web-based CRM systems, such as SugarCRM and, ensures that employees have the tools they need to engage in knowledgeable and professional conversations with customers.

trixbox Pro SE comes standard with HUD Personal, trixbox Pro EE comes standard with HUD Team, and trixbox CCE and UAE come standard with HUD Agent. To learn more about the specific features that each edition of HUD provides click here.

* with appropriate configuration

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