Unified Communications

An organisation’s reputation is often associated with customer service levels, responsiveness and the ability to make real-time decisions. An anytime, anywhere approach helps businesses to put clients at the very heart of your organisation.

Unified Communication (UC) helps an organisation to integrate all forms of business communications, applications, voice, email, fax, video and calendar activities into one easy-to-use interface. UC provides an organisation with a more effective means to stay connected with colleagues and clients.

UC is no longer a luxury for large corporate companies; it’s a solution available to all sectors and sizes of business who are looking to optimise response times.

It’s about making communications easy, with no restrictions. Employees can move from network to network, still receiving & making calls on the same number the client is used to using.

With HUD & trixbox Pro, the concept of anytime, anywhere is made easy. It gives you the control and the freedom to choose and offers clients a much quicker response time.

Unified Communication with HUD can:

  • Reduce Travel Costs
  • Give single number access
  • Improve response rates
  • Improve decision making processes
  • Improve collaboration with colleagues
  • Shorten order to delivery times
  • Be more environmentally friendly

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