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trixbox Pro business phone system - a revolutionary communication tool

tribox pro is an award winning business telephone system that is being used arround the world.
trixbox Pro is the business telephone system from ITSec; a tried and tested phone system that offers incredible enterprise features at cost effective prices so that all businesses can have a professional phone system without the breaking the bank. trixbox pro has been installed on 160,000 systems in over 60 countries with 130,000 users; that′s over 125 millions calls in the last 4 years.

trixbox Pro is the next evolutionary step in business communications. Built on market-proven commercial technologies, trixbox Pro is an affordable communication solution that is easy to use, easy to manage, scaleable, reliable and delivers Enterprise class features. trixbox Pro supports branch locations, home workers, and even workers on-the-road!! trixbox Pro also gives SMEs the ability to save money by utilising VoIP service providers and conducting conference calls in-house instead of using expensive third party providers.

Trixbox Pro – Pricing

trixbox Pro comes in 3 flavours, each offering a range of benefits and features suitable to differing business needs. trixbox Pro is licensed per extension / user basis. The pricing structure is tiered so the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The purchase price shown on this website, is based on the minimum quantity. When you make a purchase and increase the quantity, the price will be adjusted according to the tiers shown below:

Number of Users Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Call Centre Edition
Set Up Cost £99.00 £99.00 £99.00
1-5 £76.00 £152.00 £304.00
6-10 £76.00 £152.00 £304.00
11-15 £67.00 £135.00 £244.00
16-25 £58.00 £116.00 £198.00
26-50 £49.00 £98.99 £171.00
51-100 £47.10 £95.00 £171.00
101-150 £46.00 £92.00 £168.00
151-250 £44.70 £90.00 £165.00
251-300 £44.00 £88.00 £162.00
301-350 £44.00 £87.00 £159.00
351-500 £42.50 £86.00 £155.00


Number of Users Platinum Certified Hardware
(trixbox Pro appliance)
Gold Certified Hardware
(Uncertified Server)
1-10 £42.00 £52.00
11-25 £39.00 £49.00
26-50 £35.00 £45.00
51-100 £31.00 £38.00
101-250 £27.00 £35.00
251-500 £25.00 £31.00
500+ £21.00 £27.00

Trixbox Pro – Features & Services Price List

Features & Services Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Call Centre Edition
Softphone Software
(per user)
£39.00 £39.00 £39.00
Linked Server Software N/A £470.00 £930.00
HUD Queues (1-19) N/A N/A £1,550.00
HUD Queues (20+) N/A N/A £3,100.00
UAE Server Licence N/A N/A £2,597.00
Live Backup Server £465.00 £465.00 £930.00

trixbox Pro Features

trixbox Pro SE
with HUDlite
trixbox Pro EE
with HUD Pro
trixbox Pro CCE
with HUD Pro

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

All Standard Edition Features All Standard Edition Features

Outlook Integration

Conference Bridge All Enterprise Edition Features

Unlimited Extensions

Extension Groups Unlimited Call Queues


Routing by DIDs Full Featured A.C.D.


*FindMe Skills-Based Routing

Hot Desk

*Boomerang Mobile Integration Graphical Queue Reports


Paging Agent Call Recording


Zone Paging Agent Variable Log-off

Custom CTI (AGI)

Intercom Agents on Cell Phones

Analog & IP Phones

Zone Inte rcom Agents Shared Across Sites

Ring-All (Blast Group)

Voicemail Groups Real-Time Queue Stats
Call Forwarding Advanced Call Forwarding Agent Login/Logout
Name Directory Call Return Call Monitoring
DIDs Call Out Call Barging
Unlimited V oIP Accounts Report Exporting (.csv) On-the-Fly Recording
PSTN Fallback Custom Caller IDs Advanced CRM Integration
Telecommuters IVR Authentication  
Branch Support SMS/Pager Voicemail Notify  
Web Control Panel Upload Voice Prompts  
Powerful Reporting Alerts & Notifications  
Operator Panel (w/BLF) Trunks Status Pages  
Call Parking Real-Time System Graphs  
Auto Phone Provisioning Historical System Graphs  
Rebrandable Interface Interactive Desktop Alerts  
Drag-and-Drop Call Cont rol Group and User Permissions  
Enterprise Instant Messaging Extension Grouping  
Presence Management Extension Search  
Color-Coded Call Status    

Who is trixbox Pro Standard for?

trixbox Pro standard is an entry level phone system for day to day communication requirements. It is suitable for smalle to medium sized business eager to streamline communication channels and portray a professional image to the customers when they call. It has been popular among:

  •   Small Accountants
  •   Estate Agents
  •   Shop keerps

trixbox Pro Enterprise

A step up from the standard version, trixbox Pro Enterprise offers all of the features in trixbox Pro Standard plus a whole load of add-ons and essential communication tools. trixbox Pro is suitable for:

  • medium size busineses having more than one location
  • cargo agencies
  • booking stations
  • and many more...

trixbox Pro Call Center Edition

The ultimate phone system packed with features that are essential tools for a high volumn telephone communication environment. It includes everything offered in trixbox Pro Standard and trixbox Pro Enterprise plus the a whole load of features that are essential in a high volumn call centre application.

  •   For call centres
  •   Telesales operation having multiple sites across the globe
  •   VoIP ready
  • and much much more.

HUD - the HUB of communication and collaboration

"HUD is addictive" - this was the simplest answer when we asked one of our client what he thinks of HUD!