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Stay in touch wherever you go

Jabra GO™ 6400 is the first series of Bluetooth office headsets with user-friendly touch screen and touch sensors for easy call control.

One headset for all your phones

Once you’ve experienced the liberty of a Bluetooth® headset, it’s hard to go back to talking while holding your mobile. Why should it be any different with your desk or softphone? With a Jabra GO™ 6400 Series headset, you can always enjoy the freedom of having your hands free – regardless of which phone you use.

Ready, set, GO!

Wear your Jabra GO™ 6400 headset when you’re out talking on your mobile phone. Back at the office you can also enjoy instant, seamless connectivity with your mobile, desk and softphone. No matter which line your contacts try to reach you on, you’ll always be able to answer just by tapping the headset button.

Unbeatable sound

Featuring state-of-the-art audio technologies, the Jabra GO™ 6400 Series delivers such superb sound quality you’ll never want to answer a call without it! A dual microphone Noise Blackout™ system with advanced Digital Signal Processing practically eliminates all background noise, so your voice can be heard clearly even from a noisy location. Wideband quality ensures that the sound you hear is crystal clear, while SafeTone technology protects your hearing by cutting off sudden loud noises and securing safe average sound levels through the day.

User-friendly touch screen base

With Bluetooth®, USB and telephone support, the stylish Jabra GO™ 6400 touch screen base is the key to uniting all your phones. A SmartSetup wizard helps you connect phones and select preferences to get started. Once you’re up and running, the screen’s colorful icons and intuitive menu make call handling a breeze.



  • Touch screen & touch sensors for easy call control
  • Triple Multiuse connectivity: mobile phone, softphone and desk phone
  • Easy installation with SmartSetup wizard
  • Superior sound and Noise Blackout™
  • Choice of 3 wearing styles for greater comfort
  • Up to 100m wireless Bluetooth® range (25m for mobile phone)
  • Future-proof investment through feature upgrades via Jabra PC Suite


Jabra GO 6400





Jabra GO 6430 UK/HK/SG/CN (6430-17-20-202)

  • Optimized for field staff/road warriors
  • 2 x connectivity: mobile and softphone
  • Travel charger and USB Bluetooth adapter included
  • Low energy consumption with Jabra IntelliPower





Wearing style


Ear hook / Over the ear




Jabra GO 6470 UK/HK/SG/CN (6470-15-207-502)

  • Optimized for specialists, managers and executives
  • 3 x connectivity: mobile, soft and deskphone
  • Touch screen and SmartSetup wizard
  • Low energy consumption with Jabra IntelliPower





Wearing style


Ear hook / Over the ear