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Jabra GN9330e USB
Product Code: Jabra GN9330e USB
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The Jabra GN9330e USB wireless headset gives you extra freedom of movement, enhanced sound quality and additional comfort for all your PC-based IP telephony conversations. High-definition, wideband IP audio ensures you hear – and are heard – with superb clarity.

Talking has never sounded this good. The Jabra GN9330e USB is the first wireless office headset to offer true wideband audio. Its astounding 6.8 kHz frequency range is more than twice that of conventional telephony. Sound of this caliber gives you the feeling of a true “face-to-face” conversation, letting you get more done more easily because you hear every detail the first time. Enhanced noise-canceling microphone technology together with refined wind noise reduction ensures that the person you’re talking to always hears you clearly, no matter where you are in the office. And digital security encryption ensures that no-one else can listen in.

The range of up to 120 meters means you can take calls anywhere in your office environment. You can keep an optional second battery charged in the base and even hot-swap it to give you around-the-clock talk time. In short, the Jabra GN9330e USB frees you from the limitations of your conventional telephone handset, providing hands-free convenience and freedom of movement, all-day comfort, and superb sound clarity.

The Jabra GN9330e USB is available in a special version optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.


  • Revolutionary wideband sound quality for IP telephony
  • Extra clarity of speech
  • Enhanced wind noise reduction
  • Increased range up to 120 meters
  • Choice of wearing styles
  • Soft and comfortable earpiece materials
  • Exceptional ease of setup and use